Tidy Tip #1: Something Old, Something New

I have loads of tricks and tips in the cleaning/organizing realm. However, not all of them warrant a lengthy post.

That’s where my…drum roll, please…Tidy Tips come in! Please hold all applause for the end.

Tidy Tips will be like quick sprinkles of cleaning/organizing glitter onto your day. So let’s get to the first batch of sparkles…


Tidy Tip #1: When you buy something new, get rid of something old.

Groceries are the exception to this rule.

Decide on what to toss/donate BEFORE making your purchase. If you can’t commit to letting go of anything, then no sale. Just put away your wallet and walk away.

Write this tidy tip on a notecard, and carry it in your purse. Or keep it your car. Or tattoo it on your arm. Just remember it.

Less stuff means less to clean or organize. Less stuff means more time to do the things you love. Less stuff means less “just surviving” and more thriving.

Find your balance and breathe. You’ve got this.


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