5 Tips to Cut School Morning Chaos


I’m not a morning person. Not. At. All. I’ll go to great lengths to squeeze out every possible extra minute of sleep: Reset the snooze multiple times- 15 more minutes. Decide that I don’t really need to put on makeup today- 10 extra minutes. Forgo my breakfast- totally worth 10 more minutes.

Yeah, it’s bad. I know. But it’s just the way I’m wired. Believe me, I’ve tried to become a morning person. I can (and do) force myself out of bed at an early hour (I even run in the mornings to improve my mood), but I never have experienced the “high” that true morning people experience. The earlier I wake, the grumpier I feel.

Now that school has started, I definitely can’t hit that snooze button. So you better believe that I devised a few strategies to make the mornings more bearable and efficient. A little organization goes a long way. So when the Williamson Source asked me to write a guest post about back-to-school organizing, I was all too happy to share what I’ve learned in my trials as a not-so-morning person. Click here for my five favorite tips to cut the school morning chaos.



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